Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Suiting Up Your Recipe Options!

This past week was hectic. With report cards around the corner, everyone rushed to get in the late assignments we'd pretended never existed! Project-wise, I have been trying to find recipes and websites, and I found some good ones! Here is a list of the MUST know recipe sites:

1. Youtube:
Probably weren't expecting that, but Youtube seems to have everything! Simply typing in 'How to cook' will bring up a list of options for you to choose from. My favourite thing about using Youtube for cooking/baking is that then I get to watch them MAKE the food, not just a list of 'To Dos' (That's good to have as well!). I use the Allrecipes 'Recipes in Motion' a lot. Great recipe options and usually pretty simple.

2. Baking Addictions:
This blog I came across just recently. The blogger, Jamie posts creative recipes that are both beautiful to the eyes AND the mouth! One of the recipes on my 'Have to Bake' list is her Twix Brownie recipe! My sister loves Twix and I like the fact that its nut free so I know I don't have to change the recipe around (Since I have people in my household who are allergic).

3. Baked Perfection:
This is another really awesome blog I found written by a women named Risa. She has SO many recipes to choose from and I enjoy how unique each one is. I will definitely be using this website for a dessert of some kind!

4. Munchkin Munchies:
I found this last blog just the other day. It isn't fully finished yet (a lot of things say under construction), but the blog has all these cute little treats! As you can probably tell from my last (only) baking trial, I enjoy cute food. So this website was an exciting find! I am looking forward to seeing how it is updated and to find more cute recipes to make.

5. All Recipes:
Well known, I know. But handy none the less. If you haven't used All Recipes before, It is a handy cookbook-like website where people can upload recipes and rate/review them. I use this website mainly for supper dishes and reading suggestions from reviews.

So there you have it! A list of great websites for baking (and cooking). I hope you find this helpful in your own kitchen endeavours. In the next week or so, I plan on posting a NEW TRIAL! Hurray! I'll keep ya posted! (...Pun intended.)


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  1. Thank you for curating these resources, Melina. Perhaps it doesn't feel like that big a deal, but it is a big service to your readers who can benefit from your experience and research.