Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Good Morning!

This week I tried something new. Breakfast. To be honest, I love breakfast. But when it comes to getting up early enough to make and eat it, I chose sleep instead. This weekend however was my sister's and my cousin's birthday weekend and I thought I would treat them with a breakfast surprise. I was inspired by the restaurant Chez Coras (A family favourite!) and its menu of deliciousness! So I googled away and found some recipes right off the Cora website. After that I made a little menu for my cousins and siblings to chose from and went grocery shopping.

The night before my parents and I began setting up the living to make it look more like a restaurant. With some curtains and a little bit a waitress/restaurant knowledge, the room looked ready to go! I got up at 8:30am and began doing some prep work before waking up the kids. My step-mom helped me with this whole excursion and I owe her a LOT of gratitude! So we chopped up fruit, made the crepe batter, and got the other foods ready to go. Then we woke those sleepy teens up and sat them at their table. They were all pretty impressed. When it came to ordering their meals, they didn't chose much variety so I only got to try a few of the items off the menu.

It was a lot of fun, I have to admit. The kitchen was crazy busy and there was a lot to do, but we worked well together and served some tasty looking breakfast. Everyone enjoyed the food and I received many praises. I have to say that breakfast is one of the nicer meals to make since the recipes are (usually) not too complicated, but can be made unique and your own. One of the fun recipes I tried out (that wasn't from the Cora menu) was a Nutella French Toast. I will definitely be making that one again!

 Hope you enjoy and maybe feel inspired to do this for someone else on their birthdays!

Till next time,

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  1. What a great new way to push your cooking/learning. The pressures of a menu and audience are significant; it almost feels like an exam. Did it feel like a performance? Any nerves?

    You also dabbled in presentation, graphic design, and interior decorating--very cool. Think of the outcomes you've begun to encounter! I'm impressed how you've taken this project and run with it, Mélina.