Sunday, 2 June 2013

Is It Over Already?

Hey all!
This is my final blog post assignment for my class, and I have decided to use it to talk about this entire experience. What independent learning was like, and how it has affected me.

To start off I want to point out, I had my doubts. I was excited to begin, but I also didn't see much happening. I figured I would 'work' towards my goal and only learn small things along the way that would help make the final product happen. No. I have studied and learnt WAY more than I planned. Did I cook a lot? No, I didn't do much in the kitchen. But I have gained serious confidence in the kitchen and knowledge of how to become better. I have spent a lot of time on the computer researching recipes and watching tutorials. I have googled different types of pasta and different baking instruments. When I started this project I expected the only way I could improve was through making meals every week. And while I still see validity in that statement, I also see how research can improve your meal making. Overall I have learned how to use Google to make kitchen work and meals seem a lot less scary and even fun.

This whole experience has been like nothing I've ever done before. I'm one of those students that likes tests because they know their facts (decently..). This class and this method of teaching has challenged other parts of my education in ways that a test never did, or ever could. It taught me how to take a problem into my own hands, solve it, and make it into something worthwhile. It has taught me to not fear the unknown. I don't just plop the information into my head the night before, I now spend time understanding and learning about the topic. Independent projects are a must-have in the highschool world in my mind. It helped develop my individuality as well as enhancing other talents/interests.

So as a total score on this semester and this project, I give it a 10/10 for going above and beyond, and helping me see that I can go above and beyond.

Thanks Mr. Hazeu for this opportunity.

Peace out!