Monday, 13 May 2013

Who Were They?

This was the big question this past week as we all worked on writing graduation biographies. Since I am on the yearbook committee (again) I know the importance a good bio is to the whole yearbook experience. Nobody likes reading an emotionally empty biography! So for the bio I have been writing, I have been going for a light hearted but sweet feel.
Something I learned this week while working on these bios was the 6 techniques to effective writing.
these are as follows:
1. Idea (What is the topic?)
2. Organization (How is it laid out?)
3. Word Choice (Specific nouns and action verbs?)
4. Sentence Style (Variety?)
5. Voice (What personally and tone?)
6. Conventions and Corrections (Effort and time put in)

I found these techniques helpful in tidying up my writing. Little fixes here and there.
Writing these bios have kind of been freaking me out! I can't believe how close we are to the end of this chapter! Sometimes it feels like I'm still in elementary counting down the years. Now i'm counting down the days and I can't decide whether I want them to speed up or slow down!

Another part of our week was reflection. My classmates and I would help each other out in writing the grad bios. We would all look back over the years at specific people and events and try to capture them in our writing.

It has been an amazing high school experience (minus all the drama and homework). I have been so blessed with the amazing classmates and close friends I have made. I couldn't have asked for a better grade to graduate with.

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  1. You're developing your process which can only lead to improved writing. I'm looking forward to working on these drafts this week. Together our class can polish them to a shine.