Monday, 13 May 2013

What's Cooking?

Well! Do I ever have a story for you! This past week I attempted..wait for it...AN ENTIRE MEAL! I have to admit, I was a little terrified. I was trying out a new recipe and I wanted my family to like it. So for this week's learning log, I am going to tell you about Trial #2 in the kitchen!

I got the recipe for a BBQ Beef off of All Recipe's 'Recipes in Motion' video. It was a pretty laid back meal to make. I made the BBQ sauce the night before and set out the meat to thaw. Then in the morning before I left for school, I simply put the meat into the slow cooker and the covered it with the sauce. When I got home from school I took the meat out of the cooker, cut it up, and then put it back in for another hour. We ate our BBQ with toasted buns. I found that spreading some mayo onto the bun REALLY enhanced the flavour. Overall my test tasters (my family) and I gave this meal 9/10. The only reason we deducted marks was because we felt that adding onions and some swiss cheese would make it better.

While the meat was simmering for that extra hour, I started on the salad. This salad is one of our family favourites. Simply adding spinach, dried cranberries, and candied sunflower seeds into the bowl, then preparing the dressing. The dressing I made was from the same recipe and it included poppy seeds, sugar, paprika, apple cider vinegar, vegetable oil, and 2 teaspoons of minced onion. My family and I enjoyed this salad but it seemed like something was a bit off (maybe gone bad?).
If something tastes off, how do you figure out what it is?

Last but CERTAINLY not least! I made a dessert. Aw yes, this was the part I was most excited for. I found this awesome recipe from the Baked Perfection's web
site. They are called 'S'more Cookies'. Mmmm...

I usually don't like making changes to new recipes (get a feel for it first, then adjust), but this recipe I felt had WAY too much sugar in it. Not only did it have 1 1/2 cups of sugar (brown and white combined) but it also had graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chunks, little marshmallows, AND chocolate chips. So I didn't add chocolate chips, but it was still quite sweet. So these cookies I would say would have scored better for me personally if they weren't so overly sweet. But they do look fantastic and taste good (with a glass of milk!)

Overall a great experience. I am finding myself more and more comfortable being in the kitchen, and that was the biggest component to this project, so hurray!




  1. Wow! I'm reading this at breakfast and you have me thinking about supper already. Everything looks/sounds great, and I love that your family continues to share in your learning adventure. This project succeeds in so many ways: you're invested, you're accountable, you're curating and sharing. Well done, Melina.

  2. Congratulations, it looks like everything turned out really nice. One suggestion though, try cutting up the chocolate chunks into smaller pieces, I find it helps to cut the sweetness.
    Overall great job though.