Monday, 8 April 2013

That Awkward Moment When...

Have you ever experienced a point in your life where you were so excited to do something, but then when it actually came time to doing it, you didn't know what to do or how to start? That is how I have been feeling this past week! If you have been keeping up with my blog, you'd know that I have decided to do cooking as my independent project. However, deciding what to cook first? Yeah, that has not been easy. Not only has deciding what to make been frustrating, but choosing when to make it has been a battle as well! It seemed like any night I would offer to make supper, something would get in the way. So how do you move forward in these situations? I really started not liking my project at this point because it felt like it wouldn't work and that I wouldn't be good at it.

 However, I sought guidance from my teacher and my peers, and they helped me regain my confidence in this project. So mainly the week (back in March..This one is a TAD late!) was filled with research and learning about each other's projects. Some of the project topics my peers are doing include, psychology, building design, oil sands, and many more fascinating things! My research mainly consisted of searching for cooking/baking blogs and recipe tutorials on YouTube.

I learnt a lot about different things this week, but probably most important thing I learnt was that even if you lose your confidence or interest, you need to get back up and persevere. When you do this, the tainted glasses you were looking through before -distorting your talents and interests- fly off your head and you regain that love and interest you had to begin with.

So hopefully this down week will not be followed by another!
Until next time, friends!


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  1. Sometimes passion isn't a blazing fire, but a warm, glowing ember under the ashes. Time and life can demand attention, and expectations can be thwarted, but that doesn't mean your interests go away or lose value. Maybe we only discover what we're really passionate about and not simply infatuated with temporarily, when our passion dips into a valley and then rises again. There's a reason 1Cor. 13 includes "...always perseveres." as part of its description of love. I'm happy that you lost your glasses. This is an important post.