Thursday, 7 March 2013

Food For Thought

Another week as flown by without much of a trace, other than the homework that seems to have appeared in my lap...
Our focus this week has mainly been on the topic of well, topics! We have been brainstorming ideas and trying to decide what we want to study and learn about during the next few months for our independent projects. I have to admit, it's a hard call to make! There may be things that I am passionate about at the moment, but might despise the next. What if I choose the wrong topic? What if it gets boring? So many questions and concerns seem to tangle themselves into an ugly rat's nest of frustration!

Luckily I have great support groups (both online and in person! - Thank you to all who commented on my last post!) who have helped me review my options and pick the best one for me. So I have decided (Cue drum roll...) to do Cooking! My plan is to attempt a new meal every wednesday and post either a video-update or pictures about my independent project each week.

So we have done more poem reading and I've got to give me classmates a hand for all the insightful views and opinions on the poems. We have learned a lot more terms such as ; Simile, foreshadowing, and stream of consciousness. I have always had a hard time deciphering the difference between simile and a metaphor, but now I know to look for a 'like' or 'as'. If one of the two is present, it is more than likely a simile.

I have really been enjoying reading 451 Fahrenheit! I am constantly curious as to what the author as planned next. What feeling is he wanting us to feel at this moment? What is hidden behind that ventilator grille? What's going to happen next? I like this book a lot for the different writing style, but I also enjoy it because the author is trying to warn us about how our society is like now, and how it might be years down the road.

Well I believe it is time that I stop typing and instead begin laying outlines for my independent project! If you have any suggestions to improve my project, please let me know! I would love to hear them.

Good night!


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  1. I love your idea. That is really cool. You should look at that recipe app, Mr. Hazeu showed us earlier. It might be a good way to find recipes. Great thinking.